Heading up to the Nürburgring is always something special. If than there is something awesome like the Nuerburgring Drift Cup by Skylimit Events your weekend can’t hardly get any better. Custom Cars, the sound of roaring engines and the smell of burning tyres is what punches our heartbeat to the next level.

We was there for Round 1 of the Drift Cup and made a few images right on the track. It was a great weekend with awesome people and customized cars. Watching the drift battles and seeing the pilots from all over europe in action, driving cars like Nissan Skylines, BMW E30s and even Lexus makes this event one we enjoy watching everytime we are looking by. If you wanna take a look on these freaked out dirft heros in action, well, head on to the Nuerburgring. There are still two rounds left for 2015.

Next rounds for Nuerburgring Drift Cup (NDC):

14.08.2015 – 16.08.2015 NDC15 Round 2

16.10.2015 – 18.10.2015 NDC15 Final Round


























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